Walk for Elis

Hello! Alison and Alistair are going on a 16 mile walk to raise money for the charity Playskill, a charity that has had a great impact on the quality of life of our dear grandson, Elis.

Alison Nash


Goal: £350
35 Donations

My story

Our grandson Elis has an extremely rare chromosomal condition called MECP2 duplication, which severely impacts his physical and mental development.

We’re going on this walk to raise money for Playskill. Playskill have helped to enrich Elis’s life, while providing support for the whole family. Each week, he receives speech and language, occupational and physiotherapy from a group of trained professionals. They have helped him to communicate better and to improve his strength, as he is now able to sit up on his own. 

Your support will be greatly appreciated by the whole family, and of course Playskill.

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Well done.

9/26/22, 8:16 AM



Amazing work the Alis!

9/25/22, 9:15 AM

Jon and Caroline


Bravo encore xx

9/24/22, 7:08 PM

Mia and Colin


Your boots were made for walking. Good luck xx

9/24/22, 6:46 AM



Enjoy your walk Alison and Alistair

9/24/22, 6:26 AM

Brijesh Babla

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